João Ruas, Recent Happenings.

João Ruas (Previously on Supersonic) recently redesigned his website and Tumblr.  Be sure and check them out if you get a chance!

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Fragile Flexible Packaging System (2014) by Mireia Gordi i Vila

Photographed by Anna Queralt Maymo

Fragile looks into the world of shipping. A flexible packaging system as a reusable companion to the packaged object rather than a disposable skin. An inquiry into the materiality and the typologies of transport packaging for valuable goods. 

Form follows format.
Format follows logistics.

Fragile is a method for shipping valuable goods. By using the properties of an elastic composite membrane, Fragile traps objects of different shapes and weights in an immediate bespoke packaging. A standard for the non-standards. A quick method to ship works of art, collectibles and other singular objects in a package that is reusable, modular, collapsible and fits into existing logistics.


McDonald’s Big Mac Packaging Redesign (2013) by Robert Bye

This project was part of my Masters Course in Packaging Design whilst on exchange to TU Delft. With the focus being to reduce packaging waste through an innovative solution.


"while sitting on brighton beach (UK) back in 2005 with my new girlfriend, verity, i thought the view of our feet pointing out to sea would make a nice photo. ever since then we’ve continued to document our travels in this way, resulting in a collection of over 100 photos. in 2011 the series took a new twist with the arrival of a third set of feet – our daughter matilda. you can already see her little feet getting bigger and bigger." - text and photos by tom robinson

photos: arbol de piedra, bolivia; nahuel huapi national park, argentina; machu pichu, peru; bâlea lake, romania; blue mountains, australia; ko pha-ngan, thailand; st. georges hospital, london; cabo de são vicente, portugal; voje valley, near stara fužina, slovenia; london, england


West Head House, Clareville, Australia, 1991 by Peter Stutchbury.

I love this house. I love this house. I love this house.


Sustainable Expanding Bowl (2013) by Tomorrow Machine for Innventia

This self-expanding instant food package combines different aspects of sustainability. It saves space in transportation by being compressed – at the same time as it is made out of a 100% bio based and biodegradable material, invented by Innventia.

When pouring hot water into the package the mechano-active material will react to the heat and transform from a compressed package to a serving bowl. This is the new generation of sustainable package design, using materials that are both smart and environmentally friendly.

The project is a collaboration with Innventia with the purpose to combine the knowledge of scientists and the creativity of designers. We opted to use the full potential of the new material, and create the sustainable package design of tomorrow – today.­­



by A.B


During our unplanned pop-up shop stint on Saturday at Ruang, Subang, we found Dontri Supplies (adapted from a Thai word that means music). It wasn’t too hard to find, partly because they were our 1-day neighbours but more so because they sold really cool stuff. A nice curation of…



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